Moving with Kids: How to Make the Transition Easier on the Whole Family

Moving with kids can be difficult for a variety of reasons. For one, children may have a hard time understanding why the family is moving and may struggle with the idea of leaving behind their familiar home and community. This can lead to feelings of sadness, anxiety, and even anger.

Additionally, the actual process of moving can be challenging for kids. Packing up their belongings, saying goodbye to friends, and adjusting to a new home and school can be overwhelming and stressful for children. It can also be hard for them to adapt to new surroundings and make new friends.

Furthermore, the logistics of moving with kids can also be complicated. Keeping kids entertained and safe during the move, finding appropriate childcare during the transition, and ensuring that their needs are met during the move can add extra stress to the process.

However, at Norwich Removal Service, our process is as quick and simple as possible.

The post will cover how to talk to kids about the move, how to involve them in the process, and how to prepare them emotionally. It will also provide tips on how to keep kids entertained during the move, and how to make the moving day as smooth as possible for them.

Additionally, readers will learn how to help their kids adjust to the new school and neighbourhood, and how to make the new house feel like home for them.

Preparing Your Kids for the Move

When talking to your kids about a move, it’s important to be honest, age-appropriate, and sensitive to their feelings. Here are some tips to help make the conversation go smoothly:

  • Start the conversation early: Give your kids plenty of notice before the move so they have time to process the information and ask questions.
  • Be honest: Explain the reasons for the move in an age-appropriate way. If you don’t know all the answers, let them know that too.
  • Listen to their feelings: Allow your children to express their feelings about the move and validate their emotions. Let them know that it’s normal to feel sad, anxious, or excited about the move.
  • Show them the positives: Emphasize the positive aspects of the move, such as new opportunities and experiences.
  • Involve them in the process: Encourage your kids to be a part of the moving process by letting them help with packing, choosing a new room, or exploring the new neighborhood.
  • Keep the communication open: Make sure to continue the conversation as the move gets closer. Keep your kids informed about any new developments and answer any questions they may have.

Packing and Moving With Kids

You can involve your kids in the packing process by setting up a schedule for them to pack their own belongings. This can be a fun and interactive way for them to take ownership of their things and to be aware of what is going with them. Also, try to include them in the decision making process of what to bring and what to leave behind.

Another way to make packing fun for kids is to create a themed box, like a “memories box” where they can put pictures, trinkets and other sentimental items. Or you can play music, have a snack break or incorporating a fun activity while packing. This will make the task less tedious and more enjoyable for them.

You could also try to make it a game, where you can have a contest to see who can pack the most items in a box in a certain amount of time or have them pack a special box with their favourite toys and keepsakes.

During a move, it can be a good idea to give your kids small tasks or responsibilities to help with the move, such as helping to pack up their own room or carrying small items to the moving truck, this can keep them occupied and give them a sense of ownership.

Another option is to hire a sitter or ask a friend or family member to take care of your kids during the move, this will give you a chance to focus on the move and will keep your kids safe and entertained.

You can also pack their electronic devices like tablets and handheld games and allow them to use them during the move to keep them occupied.


In conclusion, moving with kids can be a challenging and stressful experience for the whole family. However, by preparing your kids for the move, involving them in the process, and keeping them entertained and occupied during the move, you can make the transition as easy as possible for everyone.

It’s also important to be honest with your children and to listen to their feelings about the move. Additionally, it’s important to give them a sense of responsibility and ownership during the process.

By following these tips, you will be able to minimize stress, and make the transition a positive experience for the whole family. Remember that moving can be an opportunity for a fresh start, and with the right mindset, it can be an exciting and enjoyable experience for all.

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